July 5, 2023

Billy Brooks - Claims Experience and Lucky to be Alive!

Working at the National Corvette Museum you get to be part of several events throughout the year like the Michelin Bash, Vettes ‘n Vets, Anniversary Celebration, and of course the National Corvette Caravan (every five years).  Occasionally, a club or organization hosts an event at the Museum that draws a big crowd and puts on a great show! Last year the CACW (Cultural Awareness Corvette Weekend) came to Bowling Green and did just that. CACW is an event hosted annually, the third week of August at the Museum. Billy Brooks, the president of this event, says, “Our goal is to galvanize African Americans (or anyone who doesn’t normally come to Bowling Green) to visit the Museum, the Corvette Plant, or the Motorsports Park to really showcase everything Corvette.” We knew this would be a great event when they had over 1,000 pre-registered attendees from around the country, so it was a no-brainer when Billy asked us to sponsor. What would start as a business relationship would turn into something Billy could have never imagined.

One hurdle we face as an agency is since we operate inside the Museum, people think we only insure Corvettes.  Since our start, we have always insured any make/model vehicle if it holds collector value, is not your daily use vehicle, and is used for pleasure use only. When Billy first asked to be a sponsor he even said, “I had always known about NCM Insurance over the years from being a member and having friends and clubs mentioning them, but I never knew how it worked. I had other cars besides Corvettes and never thought of them for insurance.”  On the 2nd day of the show, Billy came into our office and had us quote his collection which included: an El Camino, SSR, a C7 Z06, and a C5 - to name a few.  “To me, price is always important, but cheaper doesn’t always mean better. I was shocked when NCMI quoted a 12-month premium (for all of my vehicles) for the cost to insure ONE with (my big box company).” Adam worked with Billy and explained the differences between NCMI and his standard auto company by defining Agreed Value versus Stated Value, and how our one liability charge was saving him hundreds from his current policy. By the end of the conversation, Billy was both a satisfied…and shocked NCMI customer!

We all know that insurance is only as good as the claims service and should not be solely based on price.  What is most important to our customers is what happens when you need to use it.  Billy will tell you firsthand what it is like having a dependable insurance company in your corner when an accident occurs. “I took out a policy in August of 2022, and in October, I had one of the worst experiences of my life. Billy continues, “I was driving home on the highway and lost control of my Z06. Before I knew it, I ended up in the ditch.” You can tell by the pictures, Billy was not only lucky to walk away, but also lucky to make it out alive. “It is honestly a true testament to GM and their crash safety features with the airbags and all.”  The Corvette was in such bad shape that the tow company used a forklift to scrape it off the road. Billy wasted no time and called the claims team at American Modern. “Instantly when I called, the first person I talked to asked if I was ok and in a safe place. I felt the concern and personal tone from the beginning. They had recorded all my information and advised that a claims adjuster would call within 48 hours. In less than 24 hours, Stephanie at American Modern reached out, and we started the process. Not only did Stephanie call first, but she was also my adjuster throughout the entire process. Every time they needed something, they would text/call me, and when I needed claim information, they were quick to get it back to me.” Within 3 weeks of filing the claim, Billy had a check in his hand to begin the search for his new car. “Having the Agreed Value attached to my Z06, I knew exactly how much to expect back from the insurance company (the same value I assigned to it back in August). I was fortunate enough to replace my Z06 with a 2019 Grand Sport Convertible and a 1968 Corvette."

Billy says, "If I wasn’t retired, I would be working full time at NCMI to spread the word of my experience and how perfectly everything was handled - from start to finish!”

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