Personal Umbrella Policy

Personal Umbrella PolicyMany of our customers have been asking if we offer Personal Umbrella Policies (PUP). We now do!

Do you......

Have a family?

Own a home?

Want to protect your future earnings?

Want to protect your assets against a lawsuit or judgment?

Make sure your loved ones and assets are fully protected with a PUP!

A personal umbrella policy increases your overall liability coverage with an extra layer of protection beyond the basic coverage provided by your homeowners and auto insurance policies.

Personal Umbrella Policy

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Applicant Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Vehicles and Drivers

How many motorized vehicles licensed for road use (i.e., cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, etc.) are owned (titled or registered to), rented, leased, or regularly operated by you or any member of your household? Include company vehicles provided for your use, or for use by a member of your household. All vehicles licensed for road use need to be counted regardless of individual insurance. Those that reside in a recreational vehicle (RV) full-time should count their RV as a vehicle and not a residence. Do not count antique/classic/collectible vehicles covered under a collector automobile policy (see antique/classic vehicles question).
Driver means you and members of your household who operate motor vehicles licensed for road use, plus any other person who operates a vehicle owned, leased, rented, or regularly operated by you or a member of your household at least 50% or more of that vehicle's use. Driver includes any person with a learner's permit or valid driver's license. Vehicles owned by you or a member of your household include any vehicles titled to or registered in the name of you or a member of your household.
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