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  • Agreed Value CoverageWe only write collector car insurance policies on an Agreed Value basis. Once we agree on a value for your vehicle, that's what you'll get in the event of a total loss. We will not depreciate or question the vehicle's value.
  • Optional "Nine-to-Five" We offer “Nine-to-Five Driver” option that allows you to drive your Corvette or collector car to work up to a couple times a week.
  • Mileage OptionsWe have several mileage options to meet your needs - pick the best insurance plan that suits your car and save money! Plus, we offer roll-over miles.
  • Expert Claims ServiceIf you were to have a claim, you can take your car to the repair shop of your choice. You know who will do the best job on your prized possession!

More Than Just an Insurance Agency!

The NCM Insurance Agency is more than an insurance agency…as part of the National Corvette Museum, we are pleased to offer Corvette insurance, collector car insurance and car club insurance. Our programs are not just limited to Corvettes – we will accept just about any make and model of collector vehicle! The NCM Insurance Agency has been writing business in almost every state since April of 2009. Read more about NCM Insurance.

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"I recently purchased a 2007 Corvette and a friend suggested that I contact NCM Insurance and I was extremly pleased with the quote and cost of my insurance from NCM. Response was prompt and very detailed."Gordon, Florida, 2007 Chevrolet Corvette

"I would highly recommend NCM Insurance. I just insured my 2004 limited edition C5 Corvette Coupe with them. The transaction was handled by email and telephone. It was easy and saved me $327 for the year."Peter, Florida, 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

"I switched to the NCM Insurance and saved over $600 on my coverage on my 2001 Corvette Coupe. Adam does a good job and made the switch easy to do." Jimmy, Louisiana, 2001 Chevrolet Corvette

"Thanks for helping me find a short fall in the coverage I had in my insurance. Also glad to see you guys covering more than just Vettes. I feel confident now that I have insurance with the NCM. Having good coverage and helping the NCM is a win/win for all of us." Jim, Pennsylvania, 1953 Custom Chevy Truck

"I chose to have my car insured by the NCM for 3 reasons. 1: Adam Boca is a genuine nice guy and I want to give him my business. 2: This supports the NCM. 3: I am allowed to drive my Corvette to work from time to time with this policy." Ron, Michigan, 1991 Chevrolet Corvette

"Thank you Adam for the service that you provided in insuring my four classic Corvettes. You explained the policy fully, increased my coverage substantially over a well-known insurer, and saved me several hundred dollars to boot. The NCM Insurance program is definitely a win-win situation." Jack, Pennsylvania, 4 Classic Corvettes

"NCM cut my Corvette Insurance in half and Adam's service is the best!" John, Pennsylvania, 2 C4 Corvettes

"Great deal! I now have my 5 Vettes on the same policy, even the new one. The best part it was quick, easy and I saved money." John, New Jersey, 62, 73, 78, 96 and 2008 Corvettes

"I just switched from a big name collector car insurer to NCM Insurance, and Adam saved me 30% on my annual bill with like-for-like policy coverage. Huge savings and I look forward to being a long term customer." Jim, Colorado, 1963 Corvette Fuelie Coupe