December 7, 2018

Referrals Not Taken Lightly! “A Happy Customer tells 2-3 Friends. An Unhappy Customer Tells Everyone”

Hello Fellow Car Lovers,

My name is Jim Fox. My cars’ license plates are CFOXGO and CFOXRUN. When your name is Fox you have a lot of cool options! I own a 1970 Corvette (Bridgehampton Blue, BB, 4-speed, NCRS Top Flight) and a 1970 El Camino (Fathom Blue, SS 396). Yes, my favorite color is blue and I seem to be stuck in the 70’s. Love my cars. Love driving them. Love talking about them. Love sitting in the garage looking at them. Who’s with me?

I own a business called Fox & Associates Mystery Shopper Service. I get paid to send ‘mystery shoppers’ into all types of businesses to anonymously evaluate customer service. Yes, there are legitimate businesses that do that! AND, there are a lot of scams out there, but that’s another story.

Because of the type of business I’m in, I’m very attuned to customer service, even in my every day travels. If I come across someone who is providing excellent customer service, I feel compelled to let them know they are doing a good job. A lot of businesses only hear feedback when they are doing a bad job.

“A happy customer tells two or three friends. An unhappy customer tells everyone they know.” That little slogan right there is what bought me that Corvette and El Camino!  LOL

I’ve been a customer of NCM Insurance Agency for many years. And even though I only speak to them on the phone once every year or so, I feel like when I do speak to them, they know who I am and are interested in the reason I am calling. The couple of times I have had questions or needed to file a claim, they have bent over backwards and given me 110% of their effort. I even get the feeling they love my cars as much as I do!

Now this is pretty high praise and I RARELY beat the drum this loudly, but it’s all true. I HATE to give referrals and rarely do whether it’s a painter, plumber or mechanic. I feel responsible if I give a referral and something goes wrong. The highest compliment I can give any business is to give them a referral. I’m happy to say I’ve referred a lot of my car friends to NCM Insurance Agency.



Jim Fox

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