August 30, 2011

NCM Insurance Agency Launches New Online Services

NCM Insurance Agency and American Modern Insurance Group, has introduced new online self-service capabilities for policyholders which will launch in phases over the next few years. This month we have introduced a new Online Services portal which allows customers to receive electronic notification when new policy and billing documents are posted online and the ability to download and print the documents.

The online services not only give customers the option of doing business online 24/7, but saves paper in the process and helps customers better manage their insurance documents electronically.

“The Museum is fortunate to have customers from across the country and we realize that our business hours may not always be convenient – especially for those on the west coast,” said NCM Insurance Agent Adam Boca. “The new online services gives our customers 24/7 self-service access, and you can even signup to receive email and text notifications.”

Customers can also file non-emergency claims at their convenience, and request simple policy modifications like change of name, address or payment plan online at any time.

To learn more about the NCM Insurance Agency’s Online Services visit: or if you would like a no obligation quote, visit

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