March 4, 2021

Customer Spotlight - Ron & Vickie

Ever since the NCM Insurance agency was founded in 2009, it has focused mainly on one thing; providing collector car insurance for your beloved Corvette or any other collector car you may own. In eleven years as an agency – and with its offices located inside the National Corvette Museum - NCM Insurance has skyrocketed to new heights and become one of the premier collector car insurance groups because of the excellent customer service it provides to its clients.

Ronald & Vickie with part of their collection

Ronald and Vickie have now trusted the NCM Insurance agency for collector car insurance on their hot rods for over eight years. However, if it wasn’t for Ronald being approached by Adam Boca – the NCM Insurance Manager – and being provided with excellent customer service, Ron and Vickie wouldn’t be saving the amount of money they are today.

“While showing my 1962 Impala in the Class of ’62 display at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in November 2012, Adam came up and introduced himself to me. He asked me who I had insurance with on my ’62 Impala,” Ronald said. “I told him, and he confidently said he could save me money by insuring with NCM Insurance.”

Ronald with his 1967 Impala SS

Not only is Mr. Hoeft the proud owner of his 1962 Impala, but also the original owner of his 1967 Impala, in which he bought when he was 19 years old right out of high school. On top of those two classic cars – and a 1967 Nova – Ronald had over a dozen vehicles in his collection when he first met Boca and later decided to insure those rides with NCM Insurance.

“I shared (with Adam) that my insurance situation was somewhat unusual since I had 15 cars in my collection,” said Ronald. “Adam looked at me straight in the eye and said without hesitation ‘Then I can save you a lot of money!’. I took his business card and told him when my current policy expired I would reach back out to him.

“That June I did … and he was right – NCM Insurance saved me a lot of money and with better coverage. I have been with them ever since.”

Ronald and Vickie’s collection is now up to 19 cars and trucks. Although Ronald says that he is not a big-time collector, he said that NCM Insurance “treats me like I’m Jay Leno!” Additionally, Ronald said that he and Vickie have full confidence that their most valued possessions are insured by a “company with a staff known for their honesty and integrity and who put a personal touch on their customer service.”

“I feel I have been blessed not only with my car hobby, but also in my personal life. I have met and made friends with so many great people through this hobby,” Ronald said. “NCM Insurance has allowed me to enjoy my passion with cars even more knowing I’m covered properly.

“I highly recommend from heart, anyone who reads this, give the NCM Insurance agency a chance and I’m pretty sure you will thank me.”

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