August 8, 2019

Customer Spotlight - Marty Pinder "What a different experience....."

1970 Buick Riviera

I have owned collector cars since the 1980s and have used most every collector insurance company that is out there today. Having never had a claim, thank goodness, I only had two ways of evaluating a collector car insurance agency. Price is certainly important, but I have learned not to simply buy on price. The second, and actually the most important thing to evaluate is a bit more complex. That somewhat more subjective thing is service.

Everyone says that they have good service, however I have come to learn that maybe my threshold for good service is somewhat higher than some in what I find acceptable. I learned this first hand a few year ago when I was insured through another company for my collector cars.

I once owned a 1996 Impala Super Sport (yes, the black menacing looking one) and I loved that car. It was one of a very few cars I kept for over 100,000 miles. A few years ago, I decided I wanted another one and found a very low mile perfect example. I bought it and called my collector car insurance company to add it to the policy. The "underwriter" came back and told me that they would not insure a ‘96 Caprice. I politely stated that an Impala SS is certainly very different from a Caprice. I was told that it was no different based upon the VIN. They finally and begrudgingly agreed to add the car, again balking at its stated value, but did it based on our relationship. Well, by now we clearly had differing views on our ‘relationship.’

The next day I phoned the NCM Insurance Agency. Bobbie Jo was the first person I spoke with at NCM. Well, what a difference from the "how can I not help you" person from the other company. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Simply said, a competent person who made me feel that my insurance needs were important to her, too! What a change that was!

Oh, and yes, she immediately and intuitively knew than an Impala SS was different from a Caprice. I completed the paperwork that night, became a customer of NCM Insurance the very next day, and have never looked back! I should add that my premium also went down from what I had been paying. Better, friendlier service, and I was saving money.

Martys 1995 Corvette Pace Car

As a customer for a few years now I can unequivocally say I have no plans of ever going to another agency, ever! Anytime I need to change a car or have a question, everyone I speak with is helpful, efficient and friendly.

If you own a collector car and are not currently insured through the NCM, I strongly urge each of you to call Adam, Bobbie-Jo, Sharon, or Sam, and discuss your needs with them. I am confident that you will experience the same level of exceptional service that I receive each and every time.

As the owner of Conte's Corvettes and Classics, I am constantly asked by friends buying their first or another classic car who I suggest for insurance. I smile and simply say, "Do what I do myself, call my friends at NCM." Most all do, and most go out of their way to let me know that their experience is exactly like mine and thank me for letting them know about NCM. It is just so rewarding to deal with friends who know what they are doing and do it well each and every time. That is what you get from NCM Insurance. Check it out, and I am confident that you too will agree My thanks to the entire team at NCM for being there and for what you do!

Marty Pinder – Owner – Conte’s Corvette Classics

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