October 22, 2019

We love ALL Collector Cars!

Seans McLaren at Natchez Trace Bridge

My relationship with NCM Insurance began in June of 2019 when my previous insurance company let me down. I purchased a new McLaren 600LT that they would not insure - AFTER providing me a quote for said McLaren. My previous Insurance Company told me that it was in error, and there was nothing that they could do. I needed to shop for a new insurance company and fast! After contacting several insurance companies and obtaining  quotes, I found the NCM Insurance Agency to be competitively priced and easy to work with.

They have Excellent customer service and competitive pricing for customized insurance,  to cover all of our weekend collectibles. They are very accommodating and friendly.

I think people should know that The NCM Insurance Agency offers insurance to non-Corvette owners as well, and is still competitive. The agreed value policy allows me to adjust coverage on my policy as the value changes (up or down)  saving me money. They did an excellent job putting this all together, and did it quite quickly!

CALL THEM. They are not high pressure, if its not a fit - you won't spend all day just trying to find that out. Chances are, they can help you too! I was worried at first, because none of my cars are (currently) Corvettes , but they still offered me the best coverage and insurance package for the three weekend collectibles we own and use for pleasure.

We are very pleased with the new coverage and the NCM Insurance Agency!

Sean A..

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