January 24, 2020

Daily Use Declarations Pages

One of the items needed to start a policy is the Declarations of Coverage Pages. These are for the vehicle(s) that you and members of your household drive every day.

We are often asked "why do you need these?" Well, we are required to obtain a copy per our carrier. It list important information like:

  • That you own daily use vehicles.
  • Effective dates.
  • Policy Coverage's.
  • Who else is covered on the policy.

We are required to show the carrier that you and other members of the household have daily use vehicle(s) that are currently insured, that the vehicle(s) that we are going to insure are not intended for daily use and lastly, not to exceed liability coverage on your standard auto policy.

Below you will find examples of what is needed from your standard auto company:

Please, do not hesitate asking us any questions you may have.

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