October 23, 2012

Winding Down C6 Corvette Production and Gearing Up for C7 Production

Last month I had the pleasure of helping the National Corvette Museum Delivery Department with photography of a 60th Grand Sport Coupe. The gentleman that owns the car had won it in one of our Corvette raffles, and the photos that I took will appear in a leather bound photo album that he purchased.

We followed the car throughout the entire build process. It was followed from the bumper, freshly out of the paint booth, from the frame coming down the chassis line, from body panels and carpet installed to the drive train being married to body. This process took us a full two days to capture from 6:12am to 4:45pm.

As I sat waiting for the car to come to the next photo location I looked around and saw such pride in the employees faces as they work to build dreams for others. Here lies, what I consider, one of the greatest automobiles in the world, built by the greatest automakers in the world. The entire team from designers, sculptors, engineers, assemblers, test engineers, etc., each with the daunting task of creating the dreams of many.

Production for the 2013 Corvette will end in February of 2013, and the plant will be shut down for approximately six months to prepare for the 2014 C7 Corvette. It is going to be an amazing car and we are all so excited! The new C7 logo has been made public and you can view it, find out more on the newest Corvette and download a neat C7 Corvette Wallpaper for your smartphone at: https://www.ncminsurance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/iphone-screen-saver.jpg

Once the Corvette Assembly Plant is up and running again, we will continue offering the photo album to anyone who orders a new Corvette. In addition, you will be able to watch your Corvette being assembled through the Buyers Tour. The Buyers Tour and the photo album can be purchased in conjunction with each other. The Museum also handles the Museum Delivery Option Program (RPO R8C) and that allows you to pick your car up from the National Corvette Museum. We will give you a private tour of the plant/museum and a complete run down of your new Corvette. If you have been considering purchasing a new Corvette and taking advantage of the many ways to make the experience more memorable, you have time to get your plans in place before the new model year production starts! Find out more about the NCM Delivery and Buyers Tour Programs and photo album here: http://www.corvettemuseum.org/ncm_delivery/index.shtml

I mentioned earlier that the pride in the plant was very obvious, and here in the National Corvette Museum Insurance Agency we have great pride in protecting your passion. We can insure a brand new Corvette the same as we insure the classic ones. With the NCM Insurance Agency you will carry Agreed Value Coverage and often we can save you money. Check us out at www.ncminsurance.com or give us a call at 877.678.7626.

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