February 14, 2011

What is collector car insurance and how are we different?

Do you have a Corvette or other collector car that you hardly drive?  Is your spouse nagging that your insurance is too high, and you either need to get rid of the car or take insurance off of it?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions you need Collector Car Insurance. 

Collector Car Insurance is insurance written on an Agreed Value vs what you will find with normal carriers.  Normal carries will write a policy on an “Actual Cash Value”, which mean the book value at the time of the loss.  If you have a Corvette or collector car, you do not want to fight with the insurance company on what the true value of your car is worth.  We agree on a price, and if you have a covered total loss, then that is what you get paid!

With collector car insurance there are several usage restrictions that must be met in order for us to provide coverage. 

  1. We insure vehicles that are used for occasional pleasure use.
  2. Car Shows
  3. Cub Events/Parades

We do not insure vehicles that are used for errands.  So if you go to the grocery store, shopping mall, ball fields, etc.  You are best suited for standard car insurance.  If you are passionate about your car, and want to protect your investment/passion and fit within the 3 guidelines mentioned above, we should talk.

What separates us apart from our leading competition:

  1. We offer an automatic spare parts coverage of $2,000 vs our leading competition at $750
  2. We offer mileage plans (this helps save $$$)
  3. We offer Deductible options (this helps save even more $$$)
  4. We offer Nationwide Roadside Assistance for $10 and that is for $200 worth of towing.  Our leading competitor has a $100 mileage plan costs $89 per year. (doesn’t make sense)


NCM Insurance Agency offers the best insurance policy for Corvettes or collector cars.  We are Corvette people working at the National Corvette Museum, we know Corvettes better than anyone out there, guaranteed!

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