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Does my Vehicle qualify?

The NCM Insurance Agency specializes in collector vehicle insurance. Not every vehicle owned by NCM Members or non-members meets the guidelines due to their limited collectability, due to the way they are used and/or the extraordinary use. For collector car insurance we are not able to offer you coverage while on the track for HPDEs, Drag Racing, Autocross, etc. We are only able to insure collector cars that are stored in a locked garage when it is not being used. Some states we are able to insure your collector car if it is inside a carport. Please call to see if your state qualifies. We are unable to insure collector cars that are used for daily use activities. (Grocery store trips, doctor appointments, errands, etc.) If you would like to take your collector car to work, we offer a program called “nine-to-five” that allows you to drive to work up to a couple times a week.

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