January 27, 2021

NCM Insurance Welcomes Joe Petty!

Joe Petty joins NCM Insurance Agency

Thanks to the support of not only Corvette Museum members, but also car collectors and current NCM Insurance Agency customers, the Agency has grown and added a new face. Joe Petty, a graduate of Western Kentucky University and Bowling Green, Ky. native has joined the NCM Insurance Agency team. Joe has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management with Minor in Marketing, a Master of Science in Sport Administration and Graduate Certificate in Facility and Event Management.

Prior to coming on board with NCM Insurance, Joe served as a part-time associate in the National Corvette Museum’s Events and Conferencing Services Department, assisting with the coordination of rental events at the Museum, providing hands-on support and customer service to clients.

“Growing up, I always had an interest in cars,” shared Joe. “I played for a traveling soccer team, and my dad and I would always find car shows to go to between games. My dad always had older vehicles, and my aunt and uncle are Corvette owners. So, there’s always been some collector cars in my family.”

Joe shared that he has fond memories of visiting the Museum and Corvette Assembly Plant. “As a kid, we would come on field trips. One visit I remember, mom came with me on the school field trip to the Plant and they asked if anyone wanted to sit in the car and start it up. My mom sat in the car, turned it on, and it wouldn’t start. It was funny because that kind of thing always happens to my mom,” Joe laughs. “She was very embarrassed.”

Joe shared that a Museum employee, whom he grew up with and went to school and college with, referred him to his first role at NCM, knowing he’d be a great member of the team.

“Being a Bowling Green native, Corvette is a part of your life, and a part of the community. Even nationally people identify with the Corvette and Museum, so it’s nice having that recognition growing up here.”

Prior to his role at NCM, Joe worked as a Healthcare IT Recruiter and Director of Strategic Resourcing, and other past roles in sales and account management.

“I’ve had some sales and recruiting roles, so there are a lot of transferrable skills. Doing that for the last 4-5 years, customer facing, sales type role, that’s where the interest in joining NCM Insurance came from.”

The Museum, Motorsports Park and NCM Insurance Agency love the opportunity to promote from within and are excited to have Joe join the team in a full-time capacity. Joe said he’s looking forward to getting to know more of our friends and customers in 2021.

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