June 22, 2012

NCM Insurance Agency Takes “Rookie of the Year” Award

By: Bobbie Jo Lee, Customer Service Representative

NCM Insurance Agency Rookie of the Year Award

Shocked, surprised, overwhelmed and totally proud would be a great way to describe how NCM Insurance Agent, Adam Boca felt on the evening of American Modern Insurance Group’s annual Power of Partnership Awards Banquet. Held in Cincinnati, Ohio on June, 14, 2012, the event hosted the top movers and shakers for American Modern Insurance Group, and the NCM Insurance Agency was invited to be a part of the festivities.

Unaware of any award to be presented, Adam was invited to dine for the evening at a reserved table consisting of owners, presidents and CEO’s of not only American Modern Insurance Group, but top executives in the business world. “I knew something special was happening when I was asked to take a seat among these special industry icons,” Adam shared when he returned to the NCM.

During the evening’s festivities it became pretty obvious to Adam that the seating arrangement had a special purpose. The announcement began by naming some very unique accomplishments of the NCM Insurance Agency:

  • New agency that started up in mid-year 2009.
  • Building all new business, one customer at a time.
  • After only two calendar years of “in full swing” business – already a top 5 new business producer of American Modern’s collector vehicle premium nationally.
  • Average premium is close to twice AMIG’s company average.
  • Nearly 100% growth rate in 2011.
  • Consistently profitable, YTD Loss Ratio of just 9%.
  • Located inside the National Corvette Museum.

Adam and the NCM Insurance Agency were presented at the kick off of the ceremony with the “Rookie of the Year” Award in honor of the hard work and achievements of the agency by Michael Whitehead, Vice President of Agency Operations at American Modern Insurance Group.  If you ask Adam how he feels about the award, he will humbly admit that “we could not do it without the support and dedication of the hard working team at American Modern Insurance Group” - underwriters for the National Corvette Museum’s Insurance Program. “We have amazing customers that we are honored to serve, an awesome team of agents and staff at American Modern and the best job at the National Corvette Museum. We look forward to continuing to serve to the best of our ability and hope to meet and talk with other collector car owners as word continues to spread about the NCM Insurance Agency.”

To obtain a quote online, via our mobile iPhone/iPad App and to find out what makes the NCM Insurance Agency a unique source for collector car insurance – visit our website at: https://www.ncminsurance.com or contact us at: (877) 678-7626. On behalf our NCM Insurance Agency team – we greatly appreciate your support, your confidence and the chance you give us to serve you. We are here if you need us.

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