July 27, 2012

Modified Collector Car Insurance with an Agreed Value!

So you’ve just convinced your wife that you “need” that supercharger for your 400+ hp Corvette, or that your C3 needs that heads and cam package, 5 speed tranny, beefed up suspension and big brake kit. You have a long list of modifications for your car that you want to do this winter and the bill is adding up. Have you thought about what will happen if you wreck your car? Are you afraid to tell your insurance company that you added all of these modifications in fear they may cancel you? There should be no concern with the NCM Insurance Agency's Collector Vehicle Insurance program.

Many insurance companies refuse to write modified cars or cover you for the modifications you have done to the car. They think that all car owners are the “Fast and Furious” types, ripping up the streets at night. Most of our customers just love having super high performance engines, trick paint jobs, etc. This is where the NCM Insurance Agency can help!

Collector Car Insurance through the National Corvette Museum Insurance Agency is extremely affordable. We consider cars to be modified when the performance has been increased 25% or more, the body, chassis, frame have been altered, custom paint job over $10K in value, more than $5,000 in other modifications, or stereo over $3,000. There are several items that we would not consider modifications, such as chrome/painted under hood accessories less than $5,000, rims, exhaust, intake, mild cam, etc. These type accessories would fall under the stock/minimal modification category.

We would be able to write your modified car under an Agreed Value policy, which means you and I agree upon a value that the car is worth in today’s market, and that would be what you would get paid if you have a total loss.

Typically our customers who have highly modified cars tend to drive their car less and also less aggressive, and making them great risks to cover. They generally take them out for car shows, local cruise-ins, club events or just for nice cruises.

If you have a modified car, and are on your normal insurance, you may be asking for trouble. Check us out at www.ncminsurance.com or give us a call at 877.678.7626. When putting together a quote make sure you select “Modified” if your car is modified. If you have a C5/C6 Z06, 427 Convertible or C6 ZR1 be sure to select EXOTIC under the classification to get your proper annual premium.

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