June 13, 2011

Common misconceptions on the NCM Insurance Agency

Common misconceptions on the NCM Insurance Agency 

The past 3 years of the NCM Insurance Agency have been an amazing time!  We now insure nearly 50 million dollars worth of Collector Vehicles and have tripled our business in the last year alone!  We are a rapidly growing insurance agency that is making a ton of buzz in the industry.  We could not be growing as much as we have been without our current customers spreading the word about what we do.  We cannot thank you enough! 

The NCM Insurance Agency has attended many shows over the last 3 years and talked with thousands of people on the phone.  Every once in a while we will hear things like “I have a new Corvette” or “where are you actually located”, etc.  We would like to take this opportunity to share the answers to our frequently asked questions. 

“We have a new Corvette, you won’t insure that.” 

Collector Car Insurance does not mean Classic Car Insurance, and the majority of the cars we insure are newer Corvettes, 1997-current.  There are limitations on usage to qualify for Collector Car Insurance - cars cannot be used for daily use such as going to the grocery store, mall, Dr’s office, golf course, etc.  If you use your Corvette or any other collector car for the occasional pleasure trip, club events, car shows, parades then you may qualify.  We have several mileage options to choose from as well from 1K, 3K and 6K miles. 

“Where are you actually located?” 

We are based out of and operated by the National Corvette Museum. Our agent, Adam Boca,
is a employee of the National Corvette Museum.  100% of the commission goes to directly support and further the mission of the NCM.  We are not an agency or a company that the NCM endorses, we ARE the NCM. 

“I have other collector cars and you only insure Corvettes” 

While the business of the National Corvette Museum is Corvettes, the NCM Insurance Agency insures many other cars besides Corvettes.  If you have multiple collector cars or corvettes we have some of the best rates when it comes to collections.  We would love to have the opportunity to quote your street rod, muscle car, Corvette, exotic cars, kit car, vintage motorcycles, collection, etc.  Give us a shot, and let’s see if we can save you money and offer you the best customer service available. 

We hope that this helps answer questions on what we have to offer.  No matter the type or year of collector vehicle we would love to have the opportunity to provide a quote for you.  Please check out our website at www.ncminsurance.com or give us a call at 877.678.7626.

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