September 6, 2013

John and Sandra – A Corvette Story to Remember

NCM Insurance customers John and Sandra live in the beautiful quaint town in Tennessee and have made several visits to the Museum over the past few years. Originally from Georgia, they moved to Tennessee after John graduated from college in the advertising business. Although he enjoyed the career opportunities this path opened up for him, he was led to work in the real estate business for the South Eastern part of the U.S. Sandra worked for the Social Security Administration – now they are both retired and enjoy life. They have owned two Corvettes in their lives – one of them for over 43 years until recently. They were here in June for the 60th Anniversary of Corvette festivities held at the Museum – and that is where the real story of these two Corvette enthusiasts begins.  The Bryants are a real life testament to “picking your-self up and moving forward.”

When they set out for Bowling Green, Kentucky to enjoy the event festivities they could hardly contain their excitement because their 1961 was to be showcased as part of the Evolution Display. Although their car never made the display, this story does have a happy ending. After leaving the Museum early into the event to head back to their hotel, they were hit on I-65 in their 1961 Corvette – yes, the one they had owned for 43 years. The accident totaled their car, broke Sandra’s back and caused other medical injuries to both of them. A friend of the NCM Insurance Agency saw the accident and immediately contacted our Insurance Agent, Adam Boca – concerned that they might be customers we insure. Adam immediately left the event to see to their needs, knowing they were not insured by us but were enthusiasts who were here for the event. The staff and volunteers were all concerned and Adam went to check in on behalf of the entire staff.

When Adam arrived on the scene, John and Sandra were definitely in need of help. “It was like he was sent as a safety net to help us,” Sandra told us. “We weren't even customers of the NCM Insurance Agency – and he wasn’t our agent. He just was there out of the blue to help.” She shared that there is no doubt in her mind that Adam was sent there as a helper and it is the main and specific reason they then chose the NCM Insurance Agency to protect their new purchase – another 1961 Corvette. “If he would do this for a stranger, we knew that taking out insurance with the NCM Insurance Agency was the right choice for our new purchase. We refer everyone we know to Adam and the Museum for coverage now.” John shared with us. “This is customer service over and above and we weren’t even customers – only enthusiasts who came to visit,” he continued to tell us. “This speaks so much about the type of service that the agency and the Museum offers and how they will be there when you need them.”

John and Sandra were insured with a large standard auto company on a stated value policy. It took several months for the claim to be settled, and for payout to be determined. With an agreed value policy there is no depreciation, or fear of not knowing what you will be receiving if you ever total your prized possession.

This story is one that is hard to imagine happening, but it is reality. At any moment we could all be involved in an accident to and from a show or club event. But it is the care and involvement of those around us that can change a bad situation and help make it better. Sandra told us that what happen to them was horrific, but having someone who truly cared about them made the difference in switching to the NCM Insurance Agency on their new collector car purchase. “We will forever be grateful for the care and attention Adam and the Museum gave us, and mostly appreciative for the new friendship we have.”

“We talk about customer service and one on one attention as one of the NCM Insurance Agency’s most important assets, and this story helps us remember that." Adam shares. “We are thankful the Bryant’s are recovering well and have chosen us to protect their collectible Corvette. But, the important factor in their story is to remember to do the right thing by others - always. That is our motto and we stand by it.”

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