March 19, 2012

Heartland Customs Unveils their New SPECVette!


The guys at Heartland Customs are at it again!  You may remember they are responsible for the C2ZR1 that has made its rounds through the show circuit and won many awards.  They are truly one of the top custom vehicle builders in the world.

Recently Heartland Customs announced that they are launching their new SPECVettes program.  Jeff Page from Heartland Customs said that “this program gives the customer that isn’t comfortable with the unknown final price of a one of a kind custom Corvette, an option to own a Heartland Customs Supercar”.  They have spent well over a year developing a line of custom, classic Corvettes that are built to perform at the 2012 supercar level with the comforts and reliability that a driver in today’s modern automobiles are used to. Page also said, “These cars are designed to outperform the current C6 Corvette with all of the same comforts and reliability.”

Heartland Customs 1959 SPECVette

Heartland Customs has packages available for all C1-C2 (1953-1967) Corvettes with prices starting at $144,900 plus your donor car all the way to $185K and a donor car.  The Intro Model starts with your donor car and utilizes a LS3 Crate Engine producing 430hp!  Options are endless and you could even own the Spec-V Model that has the ground thumping 427 LS7 producing 650hp!  Heartland Customs has developed a state of the art chassis along with the premier custom chassis builder, The Roadster Shop, to produce the ultimate Corvette chassis.  The SPECVette chassis is a fully boxed chassis that utilizes C6 Z06 Corvette hubs, spindles, sway bars, billet coilovers, and stops with huge six piston calipers on the front.

Heartland Customs and The Roadster Shops Custom SPECVette Chassis!

The NCM Insurance Agency and Heartland Customs are proud to team up with each other in offering the best collector car insurance for your SPECVette.  We can insure your amazing Corvette supercar or other custom cars for an agreed value.  After all your Corvette supercar deserves the very best collector car insurance available.  Check out or give us a call at 877.678.7626.

If you want the ultimate vintage Corvette supercar the SPECVette is for you!  Check out Heartland Customs website for more information at or give them a call at 405.527.4526.

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