July 19, 2022

Corvette C8 Z06 Pricing and Insurance Premiums

Finally!  Finally, we know what the most anticipated Corvette Z06 will cost.  For months speculation has been all over the map regarding one of the most important aspects of the Z06, the price.  Chevrolet dropped the pricing to the world last week and the buzz has been nuts!

Since the price reveal, we are getting bombarded with quote requests, and we can finally share some solid information.  The pricing model will not be any different with the C8 Z06 vs the C7 Z06.  It will follow the same rating profile as the previous generations Z06 and ZR1.  What is different is the dollar amount.

We wanted to give you a glimpse to what C8 Z06 insurance premiums could look like.  Now, we are going off the premise that we are going to insure the following person: ME!

A 42-year-old male, registered in KY who is married, a member of the National Corvette Museum, driven 3,000 miles or less with liability limits of $250K/$500K and $100,000 in Property Damage. This quote includes $500 deductibles on Comp and Collision and yes, this does include Roadside Assistance and Full Safety Glass Coverage.

We will show you quotes from a base price of $106,395 - all the way up to the fully loaded, Z06, Carbon wheels, etc coming in at $158,730.

To insure a base Z06, (which is funny to say). The annual (12-month) premium would be $1,586.49.

To insure the fully spec’d Z06 with all the carbon goodies that 12-month, annual premium would be $2152.80.

Now, premiums do fluctuate from one state to another, and the premium above will most likely be different from one person to another.  If you want the 6,000-mile plan the premium will change.  If you have any infractions on your Motor Vehicle Report the premiums will change.

For those that do not know, on new purchases, we lock in the purchase price (minus tax, title, and license) for the first 6 months. The value never depreciates.  We write our policies on an Agreed Value which gives you the peace of mind that your value is locked in.

When you are a month away from taking delivery is when we recommend shopping for coverage.  Click the link below to compare or quote any collector vehicle you own!


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