July 11, 2012

Collector Car Appreciation Day 2012

Get ready to drive and celebrate! July 13 is a day to celebrate the joy of being a collector car owner and enjoy a day to “drive it” to work! Enthusiasts across the U.S. will be reviving up for this special day designated to celebrate the freedom of owning and driving collector cars of all brands, and car clubs are encouraging members to get cars shined up and ready to roll to work.

What a great way to show your passion as an automotive enthusiast, and imagine the thrill it will bring to others as you and countless collector car owners join in to make the work day drive special.

The NCM Insurance Agency and American Modern consider commuting to work on July 13 to be a covered use for our collector car insurance customers, falling within the policy's definition for "occasional pleasure use." All of the policy's terms, conditions and limitations apply. If you are not currently covered through our collector car insurance program – we invite you to find out more about our unique and affordable coverage. Get an quote online, view our insurance coverage options and more at: https://www.ncminsurance.com

You can also enjoy the features of our iphone/ipad app easily accessible at: https://www.ncminsurance.com/mobile-app

National Collector Car Appreciation Day, now in its third year, was initiated by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) to call attention to the hobby which has grown into an industry.

If you are not familiar with SEMA, learning about that organization will help you better understand the collector car business, and better meet the insurance requirements of your collector car customers.

So shine it up, gas it up and roll to work on July 13!

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