September 25, 2020

A new Corvette and by way of a mutual friend became…An NCM Insurance Customer!

Vince with his 2015 Corvette

In 2015 I purchased a new Corvette and, by way of a mutual friend, became aware of the NCM Insurance Agency. On my initial phone call, I was pleasantly surprised when a “live person” answered the phone and was very accommodating, extremely knowledgeable, personable and efficient in dealing with what I needed. That live person was Bobbie Jo Lee, who within a very short time quoted me on a policy better than I had initially imagined.

Being a car guy from a very young age I have had some unpleasant insurance experiences. Hitting a deer on the New York interstate heading home from a meet at Lime Rock Park - causing extensive passenger side front end damage wasn’t bad enough. The insurance carrier at the time accused me of damaging my car at the race track and scrutinized my claim. That’s one time I was indebted to the NY State Police and their police report!

A second insurance issue (same car) occurred five miles from home when the engine caught fire. I was instructed to take the car to be repaired, no questions asked. After a year in the shop I was delighted to have it back until I was told the insurance company would not cover ‘wear’ parts that cause damage. What does that mean? Again, I was indebted to the legal system, and an attorney, and the insurance company paid. It left me disappointed and aggravated and taught me the lesson we all dislike learning, you don’t know how good your coverage is until you need it!

I currently have a stable of seven vehicles, all insured with NCM Insurance Agency. Anytime I call, the NCM Insurance team is able and willing to handle any problem.

The claims I have had with the NCM Insurance Agency have been handled immediately without stress or aggravation. My cars are very important and play a large role in my life. Lots of time and activity revolve around cars and car outings, so there is considerable exposure. The NCM Insurance Agency places a fair designated value on my cars, which gives me a lot of comfort.

In all my years of loving cars this is the only insurance company that knows me personally, knows my needs and treats me like a valued customer and friend. I refer them to family and friends with confidence knowing they will get the same efficient, professional service at competitive pricing. My cars have license plates from different states and there is never a problem in taking care of my insurance needs.

In the insurance world - all things are not equal and the NCM Insurance Agency is the best in integrity, service and professionalism. To say an insurance company feels like extended family is exactly the way I feel about this company. I’m so glad I found them and so are many of my car loving friends.

Vincent M.

Vince and his Ferrari
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